Well, life can get busy that all I will say. Since I last wrote on here, one thing has been occurring in my life TRAVEL! I have been to so many places and doing so many things. I had been saving and planning for a big trip across the world, one thing you need to remember that I live in the most isolated city in the world… Google it, it’s the truth!!… Perth is so isolated and I knew that I want to go see this amazing world that God had so I went to go see it and see it I did!

From Switzerland, to UK, to Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Holland etc etc) then to UK again, a quick month-long dash to USA and then home. I felt puffed out and severely exhausted after 3 months but so excited with so many stories to tell, life has been one huge journey! I had some amazing times, met some amazing people and saw so many statues and old churches that I now have to figure out what it is I’m looking at in the photos via the internet! Seriously God created such an awesome world that we exist in! Also having the pleasure of attending the International Conference was amazing and I just know God has great things in store for this ministry. I kept thinking God thankyou for leading me into this ministry.

So I arrived back home in November, the 1st to be exact and got back into working and then knew 100% that God was sending me back to the USA, so I left again for a month at the end of December. I went to the Onething conference run by the International House of Prayer and then spent a month in the prayer room just with Jesus. I feel now that I have arrived home, how strategic God is. He connected me with people and did such a quick work in me that I feel ready in a new way for the task ahead. I feel that God is doing the same thing across the body of Christ worldwide so that His kingdom will be advanced across the world.

 I learnt so many things during my time away but one thing I know without a doubt is that we as Christians need to raise the standard of Godliness in our world. We need to raise a standard that doesn’t allow us to exist in compromise and sin but to be radical for Jesus. We need to be people who the world can look at and see a difference in our lives. We need to be people of prayer. People who know who our God is and that His word is truth and without fail. We need to be challenging the world around us and to call those ones who call themselves Christians to a higher place in Him. I know 100% that this year God is doing and will continue to do great things in and through Aglow Australia, I’m excited about the future. I look with an expectant heart. How cool is it that God partners with us…. Wow WHAT A LIFE, WHAT A FUTURE!

WA retreat 085

The National Board and I with our new scarfs that were gifts!

I’m just sitting in the Aglow office in Australia, thinking of the wonderous things that our God wants to do through us. It’s so mind boggling to think that Almighty God, the Creator, designer and keeper of this world is interested in ME. I feel so

little at times so small and insignificant yet the prayers that I pray can make a difference and be effectual in this world. We are having our first Generation’s prayer group in WA tonight, I dont know who or how many are coming yet MY God isnt fazed by this all He needs is a willing heart and obeying hands and feet to do what He wants.

Our upcoming fellowship meeting is focused on getting out into the world and being his salt and light in the world. The message translation says “bringing out the God colours and God flavours in this world”.  I am so excited and expectant of what God is going to do through the Agllow Generations in Australia. Check this space for futher details about what’s happening and how you can be involved!

His plan and His purpose goes beyond our understanding! Lets dream and believe the impossible into a reality!

How busy is life sometimes, actually most of the time! I feel like the year is only just beginning but in reality its over half way through. Its been the best year for me yet, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and doin g what I’m meant to be doing. As I sit here eating my fav biscuits with a cup of tea pondering all the amazing things that have taken place in the past few month I marvel at God’s plan, provision and purpose (thats my little pod of P’s!)

God plan is just so increasing in my life, his provision is ever increasing and his purpose I’m determine to follow 100%.

The Generation’s project is going well in Australia, I live in Western Australia WA, far far away from the rest of the country and so most of the work has started in WA but its slowly creeping across the nation! This is so exciting, can you just imagine what this world could be like if we truly live the Great Commission of Christ, if we actually stood as believer togerther in  unity rather than being all seperate locked into out own plans and not really following Jesus daily, I could go on… What I’m saying is if we did what the Bible says and truly be Salt and Light to the world the world would look different.

This is what I want for the Generation’s in Australia through the Aglow ministry! I want us to affect our world in every area that we live in!

We are currently connecting girls across the nation and beginning to pray believing that God will do what He wants to do through us and in us! In WA we are connecting with an organisation that is reaching out to the people who live on the streets and cooking meals etc. We also are setting up Bible training for girls so they will know who God is, his puropse and making sure they know what the Bible says!

My heart is getting stirred as I write this, God is soo good, his plan so perfect and I’m gona follow on every direction He leads!

Peace out 🙂


Hi, I’m Hannah the Aglow Generations co-ordinator for sunny Australia! It’s great to be online and share with you who I am, my thought but most of all what God is enabling women from across Australia to do for him! I’m fairly new to the Aglow ministry but I am loving the journey that I’m on. We have just had a state retreat and I can definatly say that I am loving the way God does what he wants in and through us when we make ourselves available. I keep thinking to myself I’m just Hannah but God if you want to use me I will be available! So stop by again sometime soon and check out our this blog as Australia moves forward into all God has for us! Smiles xx

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